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14 Aug 2012 CoSaMP and OMP for sparse recovery Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP) and Compressive Sampling Matched Pursuit (CoSaMP). Author: Stephen Becker

Hi Stephan,
Thank you very much for the very nice and useful OMP code.
I believe there might be a mistake in the orthogonalization loop of "atom_new", when working in fast mode. I think the equation:

atom_new = atom_new - (atom_new'*A_T(:,j))*A_T(:,j);

should be modified to:

atom_new = atom_new - (A_T(:,j)'*atom_new)*A_T(:,j);

This turns out significant when working with complex numbers. Otherwise, one may notice different behavior in slow and fast modes.
Thanks again!

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