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26 Jul 2012 twitty Interface-class to access the Twitter REST API v1.1. Author: Vladimir Bondarenko

I've complete to obtain twitter credential according to your instruction.
I used my twitter credential to create the credential structure as the follows

credentials.ConsumerKey = 'XXXXXXXXXX';
credentials.ConsumerSecret = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX';
credentials.AccessToken = 'XXXXXXXXXXXX';
credentials.AccessTokenSecret = 'XXXXXXXXXXXX';

Then I create the twitty object using the command: tw = twitty(credentials)
I got the error message as the follows

??? Error using ==> strfind
Inputs must be character arrays.

Error in ==> twitty>twitty.twitty at 149
if strfind(lower(S{1}),'error'), error('The supplied credentials are not
valid.'); end

I think the code had been modified since Apr 2012 for this problem. I'm not sure whether I did something wrong.

Would you please advise?

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