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03 Feb 2014 Kdtree implementation in matlab The code contains a kd tree implementation in Matlab Author: Pramod Vemulapalli

thank you for all kd codes. So, i have one question. I want use kd_knn for each 3D point of matrix (X). I built kd tree for matrix (X) and i want to find knn for each point of this matrix. In kd_knn code i can use only one point. Thank you for you help and suggestions.

07 Aug 2012 kd-tree for matlab A kd-tree mex lib which allows for nearest neighbor, k-nearest neighbor, range and ball queries Author: Andrea Tagliasacchi

hi every body
it's the first time who i participate in this blog, I am a beginner in matlab programmation. Actually, I try understand the K-d tree code. So i found a matlab sript for the implementing of algorithm. I give you the link to consult the sript code. My question is connected to the input of kdree code especially 'val'. What mean 'val' ? is it a matrix or array and how can i obtain it or calculate it?
I need your help. your answers can give me another reflexion.


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