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10 Sep 2013 Color coded 3D scatterplot Produces a 3D scatterplot of XYZ data with varying colors Author: Ken Garrard

Hi Ken, I guess i'm just repeating previous comments but this is fantastic compared to scatter3. Any idea why it is so much faster? Is it because it plots multiple smaller series? With scatter3 plotting is a slow but working on the graph (rotating, editing properties, saving to jpeg) really brings my computer to its knees. Thanks again.

21 Feb 2013 geodistance Calculates the distance on the surface of the earth. Author: Orlando Rodríguez

Hi Orlando. What kind of precision can we expect using geodistance? I tried:

ans =


However with the same coordinates, GoogleMaps gave me 33480m. Giving the huge difference, I looked for another method. I found the Haversine formula. Haversine gave me 33439m, which seems to agree more with GoogleMaps.
Is geodistance more accurate than the other two? I'd like to know 'cause I might have been ripped off for some time filling my expense report using GoogleMaps!!

Thank you,

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