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29 Aug 2013 Screenshot Eppley Growth Function Get maximum autotrophic growth rate at specified temperature(s) according to Eppley growth equation. Author: Dan K eppley, phytoplankton, autotroph, growth, biology, oceanography 7 0
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21 Oct 2013 CATPAD Concatenation of arbitrarily sized data along any dimension. Author: Jonathan Sullivan

27 Aug 2013 DATEPART Extract decimal yr/month/day/hr/min/sec from a datenum. More versatile than datevec. Author: Ian Howat

Very useful function.

17 Dec 2012 Hatchfill Fills an area with hatching or speckling. Author: Neil Tandon

In order for this to work for my patches (created using jbfill.m, a FileExchange script), I needed to modify line 95 because the axis handle was only one level up from the patch handle. Perhaps there should be a warning issued or some kind of additional handling if the handle two levels up is not an axis (in my case it was the figure handle).

Then this worked great! Thank you for a terrific m file!

14 Sep 2012 Generalised question dialog (questdlg) A question dialog (questdlg) alternative Author: Nikolay S.

Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for responding. I am running R2012a( What example are you using?

For testing, I called both the FEX code, and the modified code with the following syntax:

>> selectedIndex=bttnChoiseDialog({'str1', 'str2', 'Cancel'}, 'Selection', 'Cancel','Which str?')

With the original code, selectedIndex is set to 3 for pushes on either str1 or str2 (the default button, "cancel" is at index #3 and has it's "value" property set to true, which is then found in the function line: "choise=find( cell2mat( get(buttnHndl, 'Value') ) ); "). The modified code returns 1 for str1 and 2 for str2 (using the handle of the object that executed the callback, it does not have to find a true or false value).

17 Aug 2012 Generalised question dialog (questdlg) A question dialog (questdlg) alternative Author: Nikolay S.

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