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26 Oct 2012 mmread Read virtually any media file in Windows, Linux, or Mac. Author: Micah Richert

Hi Micha,

Thanx for sharing !!!
Can I have anyone help on the following issue ?

Warning: In the directory "G:\PHD\MATLAB\code3.0.1\piotr_toolbox_V3.01\toolbox\mmread",
mexDDGrab.mexw32 now shadows mexDDGrab.dll.
Please see the MATLAB 7.1 Release Notes.
> In seqIo>frImgs at 311
In seqIo at 70
Error using permute
Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

Error in mmread (line 201)
data = permute(reshape(data, 3, width, height),[3 2 1]);

03 Sep 2012 Objects/Faces Detection Toolbox Objects/Faces detection using Local Binary Patterns and Haar features Author: Sebastien PARIS

Hi can someone explain to me this error:
Error using detector_haar
sum(cascade(1 , :)) <= T

Error in train_cascade_Example_1 (line 46)
tic,[D , stat] = detector_haar(I , model);,toc

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