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30 Oct 2012 Cuckoo Search (CS) Algorithm A standard Cuckoo Search is implemented, which is very efficient. There are three versions now. Author: Xin-She Yang

Hello sir,
i'm actually trying to apply CS to design digital FIR filter. My objective function gives values in a 60*60 matrices. I've changed value of n & nd to 60. but i'm still not sure how to attach my objective function to CS (in line 175) in order to get optimized result. as in your code it takes 1 row at a time and applies 'sum' to get 1 value which is further compared with fitness. but in my problem how am i supposed to get just 1 value to return from 'fobj'. as it doesn't contain 'sum' or any else function. how can i get best value in 1 row to compare to fitness for the optimization of my 60*60 matrices according to CS.
kindly help me, i'll be highly obliged.
Thank You.

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