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09 May 2013 3D Turbulent Wind Field Simulation by means of Sandia Method for wind energy applications 3D turbulent wind field generator with Kaimal model Author: Francesco Perrone

Thank you for your sharing code. I wonder that if you use FFT to transform frequency matrix to time series correlty. The code you written is as follows:
for ii = 1:N
tmp_u = (fft((H_u(ii,:)))); % FFT
tmp_v = (fft((H_v(ii,:))));
tmp_w = (fft((H_w(ii,:))));

% Up to this point only the one-sided spectrum has been considered to
% lighten the computational effort, since the double-sided spectrum is
% an even function about the frequency axis.
% Therefore, we can now merge real and imaginary part of the fft to get
% the ultimate time series.

U(ii,:) = [real(tmp_u) imag(tmp_u)];
V(ii,:) = [real(tmp_v) imag(tmp_v)];
W(ii,:) = [real(tmp_w) imag(tmp_w)];

I think ifft should be used here.

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