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Roemer van der Meij

Radboud University Nijmegen, Donders Institute

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30 Aug 2012 Efficient Object-Oriented Kronecker Product Manipulation A class for efficient manipulation of N-fold Kronecker products in terms of their operands only. Author: Matt J

This is a fantastic piece of work. The amount of speed-up and memory efficiency has been a tremendous help already. There are calculations I have to do on often enormous arrays resulting from Kronecker products, easily needing up to 400GB of RAM/memory-mapped space. Using your OOP implementation is of huge help to me and my (PhD) project, and it's a nice way to learn how to do some OOP myself. Thanks!

I have one question/request, I assume you might not have the time, but maybe you could give me some pointers on how to do it. Maybe it's very easy, and I'm just missing it.
I would like to be able to do:

KronProdC = cat(1,KronProdA,KronProdB)

I.e., concatenating KronProd objects along dimension 1 (or 2). Concatenation would occur over 1st/2nd dimension of the kronecker product. Maybe it's not necessary to expand the class, but use a trick to modify existing KronProd objects, but my intuition for this is not very trained.
Being able to do this, I could extend your work into a Kathri-Rao product, which would speed up a large set of problems and algorithms using the PARAFAC/TuckerX models. These multi-dimensional decomposition models are used a lot in chemometrics, and are gaining a lot of popularity in neuroscience the past years (my field). Both usually use Matlab for these calculations, and this would speedup results for a lot of people, many could benefit. So, I got very excited when I saw and tested your work :).
Any help is greatly appreciated,

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