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25 Sep 2012 Screenshot Thresholding Thresholding for Medical Imaging Author: Toan thresholding for medi... 23 0
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18 Aug 2014 Chan Vese Active Contours without edges Mainly implement three Chan Vese active contour ideas. Author: Yue Wu

05 Aug 2014 Retinal Vessel Detection by Gabor Transform and Machine Learning, a Tutorial A tutorial on detection of retinal vessels by Gabor transform and machine learning Author: ted p teng

Do you use the second paper in your code? The second paper looks like leve-set using gabor filter? BTW, Do you implement the scheme in the second paper?

15 Mar 2014 InSPIRE utility to calculate DICE Coefficient This programs calculate and visualize the dice similarity (volume overlap) of 2D binary images. Author: Rex Cheung

How to apply it for 3D image? Thank Sir

22 Nov 2013 Raptor and Fountain Codes Implementation of both Reed-Solomon-based Raptor and (LT and Matrix) Fountain codes. Author: Roee Diamant

Dear Sir, I think your G matrix has some problem. I see that G matrix of Raptor is simple than G matrix of LT code. In the raptor code, they use shokrollahi distribution. Is it correct?

03 Aug 2013 Spatial Fuzzy Clustering and Level Set Segmentation Integrating spatial fuzzy clustering with level set methods for automated medical image segmentation Author: ABing

Great code!
But in the paper or the code has one problem that I don't understand Why phi_0 =-4eps(0.5-Bk). what is mean of -4 and 0.5? Can I change it to new value?
Thank you

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