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13 Apr 2013 Multi Class Support Vector Machine This function removes out the limitation of MATLAB SVM function of two class and uses more classes. Author: Anand Mishra

thank you for this code, it great ; but i have an error when i try to change the kernel function. The error is " Error using ==> seqminopt>seqminoptImpl at 203
No convergence achieved within maximum number of iterations.

Error in ==> seqminopt at 84
[alphas offset] = seqminoptImpl(data, targetLabels, ...

Error in ==> svmtrain at 541
[alpha bias] = seqminopt(training, groupIndex, ...

Error in ==> multisvm at 49
svmStruct = svmtrain(T,newClass,'kernel_function','linear' ); %
I am using rbf kernel function, you must change it also

Error in ==> teststa at 61
[itrfin] = multisvm( data,classa,test )"

can you help me please?

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