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08 Jan 2014 1-D Finite Difference Code - Solid w/ Surface Radiation Boundary A 1-D finite diffence code showing how to handle Surface Radiation boundary Author: oteast thermal, finite difference, radiation, heat transfer, demo, conduction 10 0
24 Sep 2013 Dust Injection into an F101 Gas Turbine Engine (B-1) Code that predicts B-1 engine behavior as it swallows dust (based on DNA-TR-93-124). Author: oteast aerospace, demo, data exploration, predictive, gas turbine, correlational predict... 9 0
25 Sep 2012 ABD Laminate Builder mfile builds shell/plate composite structure (hulls, decking, & body fenders) effect. props. Author: oteast composite, mechanics, materials, demo, automotive, aerospace 25 0

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