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Mircea Stoica

University of Twente

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10 Apr 2014 Analog Modulation Technique:FM Plots the waveform of FM modulated signal. Author: Sourangsu Banerji

10 Apr 2014 Savitzky-Golay smooth/differentiation filters and filter application Routine to generate Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation filters and routine to apply these Author: Diederick

12 Feb 2014 multi-taper coherence method with bias correction Multi-taper coherence using adaptive weights, bias correction, and phase confidence estimation. Author: Peter Huybers

12 Aug 2013 Evolve top and bottom envelopes for time signals i.e. Envelope with secant-method Author: Andreas Martin

14 Dec 2012 confplot Extending ERRORBAR, it plots a line within a shaded area, as 'continuous' confidence/error bounds. Author: Michele Giugliano

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