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04 Sep 2013 Modified harmony search optimisation with linearly decreasing PAR and exponentially decreasing bw This code applies harmony search with linearly decreasing PAR and exponentially decreasing bw. Author: ahmad optimization, communications, control design, image processing, mathematics, physics 29 0
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11 Aug 2013 Solution to Economic Dispatch by simulated annealing This software solves the economic dispatch by simulated annealing Author: RMS Danaraj

Dear All
can anyone tell me why the objective function (saeld) has three outputs? how optimisation algorithm can tack it? and the most importantly, what the input argument of saeld (x) represents?



19 Apr 2013 Bacterial Foraging Bacterial foraing is used to find optimal solution Author: wael korani

weak organisation

18 Apr 2013 GODLIKE - A robust single-& multi-objective optimizer GODLIKE combines 4 global optimizers for both single/multi-objective optimizations Author: Rody Oldenhuis

Dear Roddy

Thank you for sharing your great "godlike" optimisation code in matlab
central. I have two questions:
1. With the current "godlike" demo (set by you) the Multi-objective
optimisation is implemented. How can I set it to run just
single-objective optimisation?
2. How can I set it to run just one heuristic technique?

Thanks in advance

17 Apr 2013 Evolution Strategies (ES) Algorithm that implements 'Evolution Strategies' (ES) ('mu-lambda' and 'mu+lambda' variants). Author: Gilberto A. Ortiz


sorry, in this code which variable represents optimal decision vector?

15 Apr 2013 MINLP: Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Solver with APM MATLAB Author: John Hedengren

Hi, sorry how we can input our own objective functions? by the way, x represent integer variables and y represents non-integeres, yes?

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