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13 Jun 2007 Screenshot SHtools - Spherical Harmonics Toolbox Toolbox for manipulating and plotting vectors of spherical harmonic coefficients Author: Anna Kelbert spherical harmonics, manipulating, plotting, tools, toolbox 42 0
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25 Feb 2013 KML-Matlab-Shapefile conversion Matlab script to import KML files into Matlab as well as conversion to Shapefile. Author: Michael Toomey

Thanks Michael for submitting this script. It works great to load the USGS kmz files (after unzipping). Had to comment out the altitude. The writing crashes for me, but that's ok.

06 Jul 2012 International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) Model Compute the Earth's magnetic field at points in space according to the IGRF model. Author: Drew Compston

It's amazing how fast this thing is! Takes me much longer to compute the fields on a grid with a homemade spherical harmonic toolbox.

02 Feb 2009 XML Toolbox Conversion of MATLAB data types to XML and vice versa. Author: Marc Molinari

Thanks a lot! Much more efficient than the alternative xml_io_tools (although open source would of course be nice). However, it completely messes up character arrays. If you create an array with a char() function that consists of e.g. four character strings (size 4 x 400), the corresponding XML output is nonsense. On the other hand, writing separate lines as items creates a problem for other software which reads my XML files. There should be an option to concatenate array elements together in the XML file, rather than writing them out as separate 'item' elements.

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