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04 Dec 2014 Slant Edge Script This code can be used to measure the pre-sampled MTF of an image. Author: Patrick Granton

Agree with Rachel.This script is not very robust to noise.

I have also found it to crash if the edge is very blurry ie extends over many (50 or so) pixels.

Also, it's always unfortunate and poor practice to name variables the same as built-in functions (e.g "image").

Having said that, with a little tinkering this script is quite nice and will get the job done.

13 Nov 2014 maximize Platform independent function to maximize a figure window. Author: Oliver Woodford

16 Jan 2014 plotboxpos Returns the position of a plotted axis region Author: Kelly Kearney

24 Apr 2013 Image Measurement Utility Interactive tool allowing the measurement of distances, radii, and angles in images Author: Jan Neggers

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