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03 Jun 2014 Robust solver for Lambert's orbital-boundary value problem Solves any Lambert-problem robustly. Can be compiled to increase efficiency. Author: Rody Oldenhuis

No question ... the best lamber implementation. Very well done.

23 May 2014 Lambert's Problem MATLAB functions and scripts for solving the geocentric and heliocentric Lambert problem. Author: David Eagle

23 Apr 2014 mparser A matlab lexer and parser written with ANTLR, with a mex interface. Author: David Wingate

25 Jun 2013 Design Pattern: Singleton (Creational) A MATLABĀ® OOP implementation of the Singleton Creational Design Pattern Author: Bobby Nedelkovski

Not thread safe as far as I can tell. Nor any documentation even addressing the issue.

13 Nov 2012 M-code LaTeX Package Easily include nicely syntax highlighted m-code in your LaTeX documents. Author: Florian Knorn

as advertised

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