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Rajib Mozumder

Columbia University

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10 Feb 2013 arrow.m Draw a line with an arrowhead. Author: Erik Johnson

I wrote the following code:

hold on;
Z1 = 500;
arrow([max(X) max(Y) Z1],[min(X) min(Y) Z1],15,'BaseAngle',60, 'FaceColor',[0 1 0])

I want to make outputs (which must contain the line along with arrow head) in X-Z plane; i.e. view([180 0]), not in 3D which is good for visualization only. Unfortunately, though the line is visible, the arrow head is not seen when I go into 2D view. I tried to include 'CrossDir',[0 0 1] as suggested by the author of the script, but it didn't help. Any suggestion?

09 Feb 2013 Save Multiple Figures in a click Save multiple figures with a GUI in several formats. No need to save all figures one-by-one anymore! Author: Nicolas Beuchat

Excellent GUI! For some reason, when I save files as .eps, they are saved as black and white and .emf doesn't work! Other than that, all the other formats are working fine.

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