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Ram Acharya


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Researcher in geoscience and engineering. Extensive experience in Matlab and C++/C


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23 May 2009 LEPSTEST Linear Error Probability Space Score Test Author: Ram Acharya statistics, probability, linear error probabil... 4 0
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30 Sep 2010 Geodetic Toolbox Toolbox for angle, coordinate and date conversions and transformations. Version 2.97. Author: Mike Craymer

It is a good tool. However, I couldn't make its use while I wanted to convert lat longs to UTM, for lats [26.4546 -- 30.4485 degrees North ] and longs [80.074 -- 88.23319 degrees East]. The UTM zone is 45R . However your tool splits it into 44R and 45R. Could you review your code for that particular region. Thanks.

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