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14 Aug 2013 Beautiful and distinguishable line colors + colormap Plot lots of lines with very distinguishable and aesthetically pleasing colors. Works for 'N' colors Author: Jonathan C. Lansey

Thanks a lot!

14 Aug 2013 Fast Hodrick Prescott Filter Detrending a time series. Author: Kurt Annen

Thanks a lot!

05 Jun 2013 Constrained Dynamic Time Warping Distance Measure This MEX function computes the constrained dynamic time warping distance between two time series. Author: Dave DeBarr

very good thanks

25 Feb 2013 RUSBoost RUSBoost is a boosting-based sampling algorithm that handles class imbalance in class labeled data. Author: Barnan Das

Sorry for being inquisitive, but I got another question: how updated weights ‘W’ are associated with resampled dataset 'RESAMPLED'? It seems in your code upadated weights are only associated with the original training data.

25 Feb 2013 Classic AdaBoost Classifier Weak threshold classifier boosted to strong Classifier with Adaboost Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Thank you! It's very helpful and instructive.

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