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18 Jan 2013 csv2cell This functions reads a a text file into a cell array Author: Sergey


17 Jan 2013 cell2csv Writes cell array content into a *.csv file. Author: Rob Kohr


13 Nov 2012 Elliptic fourier for shape analysis Implementation of elliptic fourier for shape analysis. Author: Auralius Manurung

Fantastic work, however I would like to know if there is an error in the calc_dc_components function.
Is this line correct?

sum_c0 = sum_c0 + delta_x / (2 * delta_t) * (t(p))^2 + delta * t(p);

or it should be

sum_c0 = sum_c0 + delta_y / (2 * delta_t) * (t(p))^2 + delta * t(p);

Thanks again for this great work

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