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21 Nov 2012 3D Turbulent Wind Field Simulation by means of Sandia Method for wind energy applications 3D turbulent wind field generator with Kaimal model Author: Francesco Perrone

Thank you for this script.
I think there is a mistake in the IEC 61400-1 implementation, the power spectrum for Kaimal should be with a 5/3 power and not a 5/6:

PSD(i,IVec)=SigmaLU(IVec)/(1.0 + LU(IVec)*Freq(i))^Exp3

with Exp3=5/3
Moreover the calculated time series is artifically scaled to the desired mean & standard deviation, but the calculation output seems to be very far from the desired value. I therefore suspect an error in the code.
A lot of lines could be vectorized.

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