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27 Nov 2012 Optical Communications Systems (SOFTDM Ver 1.5) Update Matlab 2010a Toolbox/blockset about optical comunication system Sonet/SDH mapping over fiber optics Author: David Steckler

I just downloaded this useful folder, I'm working on my thesis which is about PON. I face some problems running my design.
1-When I use the optical transmitter as Laser, there are two ports of the input and the output of it. I don't know to what I should connect the input.
2-I am also facing problem in running the example models that you made, may be because the matlab direction has to be matched with that, any recombination to which folder should I use for running without any errors.
3- Is there MIZM, OFDM and EAM( electro-absorption modulator)
thank you in advance.

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