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03 Dec 2012 Lithium Battery Model, Simscape Language and Simulink Design Optimization Multi-temperature lithium battery model using Simscape language and Simulink Design Optimization Author: Robyn Jackey

Hello, I've got errors as below running ssc_lithium_cell_1RC.mdl

1. ssc_lithium_cell_1RC/Solver Configuration: Unable to compile the physical network.

2. sc_lithium_cell_1RC/Lithium Cell (1RC equivalent circuit model)/Main Branch Voltage Source (Em)/PS Lookup Table (1D): The size of the vector of input values or output values must be greater than 3.

3. ssc_lithium_cell_1RC/Lithium Cell (1RC equivalent circuit model)/C1/PS Lookup Table (2D): Y-vector must have no less than 4 elements.

And for other 3 lookup tables(2D) I've got the same Y-vector elements issue, so totally 6 errors.

I've followed the 2 steps as readme.txt stated, please kindly advise where go wrong?

PS: I am using the Matlab R2010a to run the files in folder R2010b.

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