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Marko Budisic

University of Wisconsin, Madison

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A postdoc in Dept of Math at UW-Madison.


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10 Apr 2014 matlabfrag A matlab figure to .eps and .tex file exporter, similar to LaPrint Author: Zebb Prime

I've been using this great tool for years, so thank you for making it.

However, I've just spotted a (possible) bug. When colorbar is displayed where number of color levels is relatively small, e.g., 5, matlabfrag-generated EPS will have a smooth color interpolation between those values.

For example, an empty plot, with just a colorbar:

colormap(jet(5)); colorbar

in Matlab figure looks as expected (five discrete color levels from jet map), yet in EPS the figure has a much larger number of levels, looking more like

colormap(jet(32)); colorbar

Additionally, the end colors in EPS range from light blue to orange, instead of purplish-blue to deep red (as in Matlab).

Is there an easy fix for this?

10 Dec 2013 ScrollPlot - scrollable X/Y axes ScrollPlot adds a scroll sub-window to any supplied plot handles. Author: Yair Altman

06 May 2013 Colormaps compatible with red-green color perception deficiencies Colormaps for displaying data compatible with red-green color perception deficiencies Author: Matthias Geissbuehler

Not that it matters a lot, but I've noticed that unzipping the archive on Linux results in __MACOSX archive being created in addition to colormaps_mathworks_v11. I am not sure if this is a result of how the file was compressed, but perhaps it could be cleaned up if it is.

Otherwise, thank you for this submission, firemap is my favorite color scheme. Perhaps it would be useful to note that "morgenstemning" is the old "firemap" submission, for us who are making the switch (I preferred "firemap" for the name - it was easier to spell and remember).

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