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21 Oct 2013 Shape Context Based Corresponding Point Models Shape Context based nonrigid registration of 2D/3D objects, to build Active Shape Models Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

hello.can you tell me the original paper you referred to when writing the programs"Shape Context Based Corresponding Point Models".

17 Sep 2013 Active Shape Model (ASM) and Active Appearance Model (AAM) Cootes 2D/3D Active Shape & Appearance Model for automatic image object segmentation and recognition Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

hello,evertyone.I want to apply this code on 3d segmentation.It works well.The only thing I want to know is how to put the trained shape on a initial position for segmenting like the example for 2d hand.I think it's necessary as updated points positions are limited by PCA.If we don't put the trained shape on a initial position like the example for 2d hand,the result should be uncorrect.Thanks.

13 Dec 2012 point correspondence among 3D shape This code computes the point correspondence among 3D shapes. Author: Qing He

I wonder how to compute the normals.For this code,one normal for one point or for one face?

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