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Giacomo Alessandroni

University of Urbino
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09 Aug 2013 ar_model AR_MODEL compute AR-models parameters of input signal using Yule-Walker method. Author: Giacomo Alessandroni statistics, dsp, ar, ma, arma, signal processing 10 0
01 Aug 2013 Blend Color BLENDCOLOR - Blend two colours specifying the fractional position Author: Giacomo Alessandroni color, interpolation, image processing, plot 6 0
13 May 2013 Screenshot Plot color PLOT_COLOR draws a dotted graph where the color of every point depends by vector P Author: Giacomo Alessandroni plot, color, dotted, image processing 1 0
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19 Dec 2014 Android Sensor support from MATLAB (R2013a, R2013b) Use MATLAB to acquire sensor data from built-in sensors on your Android device. Author: MathWorks Mobile Sensor Connectivity Team

Great! Easy to install and work. Thank you.

17 Dec 2014 KML Toolbox v2.7 Create KML/KMZ files and view them in Google Earth. Supports 3D models, contours, overlays, and more Author: Rafael Oliveira

20 Apr 2013 zoharby/plot_google_map Plot a google map on the background of the current figure using the Static Google Maps API. Author: Zohar Bar-Yehuda

11 Apr 2013 multiplotyyy MULTIPLOTYYY allows the user to plot multiple lines on three sets of y-axes. Author: Laura Proctor

14 Mar 2013 Theme from Super Mario Brothers Song plays the Super Mario Brothers theme song. Author: James Humes

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