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Joseph Jennings

Colorado School of Mines
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08 Feb 2013 SeisLab 3.01 Release 10.0301 of a collection of functions for analysis/display of seismic and well-log data. Author: Eike Rietsch


I need help using the l_compare function. When I attempt to compare different logs and change each log's depth so they all have the same vertical scale, I get the following error:

Error using assign_input (line 116)
There is a problem with the input arguments of function

Error in l_compare (line 95)

Error in Project3 (line 31)
l_compare({wellLog11, 'RILD',{'color','b'}, {'linewidth'

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

This is my code for the l_compare function:

l_compare({wellLog11, 'RILD',{'color','b'}, {'linewidth' 1},{'depths',4500,5000}},...
{wellLog13, 'RILD',{'color','b'}, {'linewidth' 1},{'depths',4500,5000}}, ...
{wellLog7, 'RILD', {'color','b'}, {'linewidth' 1},{'depths',4500,5000}}, ...
{wellLog18d, 'RILD', {'color','b'}, {'linewidth' 1},{'depths',4500,5000}}, ...
{wellLog15, 'RILD', {'color','b'}, {'linewidth' 1},{'depths',4500,5000}});

Thanks in advance.

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