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26 Jan 2013 Marching Cubes Use vectorized marching cubes algorithm to compute triangulated mesh of an isosurface from 3D matrix Author: Peter Hammer

hi,Peter,Tks for your work!
Is it the same as the funciton 'isosurface' of matlab 2012b?

24 Jan 2013 hypersphere / n-sphere Generate n-dimensional Ellipsoid or Sphere Author: Michael Völker

hello Michael, thanks for your code,do you try this for getting the 3D shpere ROI of volume?
I just get the problem,thank you!

14 Jan 2013 Finite Iterative Closest Point Iterative Closest Point using finite difference optimization to register 3D point clouds affine. Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

10 Jan 2013 Region Growing (2D/3D grayscale) Recursive region growing algorithm for 2D/3D grayscale images with polygon and binary mask output Author: Daniel

thks very much good job!

09 Jan 2013 Visualize 3D volumetric image data such as MRI images in Matlab Display 3D volumetric data such as MRI images dynamiclly. Click on an image to change the position. Author: Binlin Wu

good job! Thks a lot!

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