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19 Jul 2014 Correlation permutation test with correction for multiple comparisons Permutation test of null hypothesis of no correlation between one more pairs of variables. Author: David Groppe

I'm trying to test the relationship between two variables and this test seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, however, when I run the test on my data it says the familywise alpha level is 0, the p value it returns is also 0, why is this?

27 Dec 2013 scatplot Scatter plot with color indicating data density. Author: Alex Sanchez

I just get an error saying duplicate data values were found and removed - the figure produced is empty. I thought the point of this script was to handle duplicate values as it is showing density?

01 Dec 2013 MANCOVAN Tools for Multivariate Analysis (Statistics Toolbox NOT Required) Author: William Gruner

Worked it out myself - for anyone else who might be interested the info can be displayed using the 'verbose' option - this only displays in the command window though, so I edited mLHT.m to output an additional stats table with the DoF and p values, I then get mancova.m to add F values to this to create a really condensed but highly useful second stats table...

01 Dec 2013 MANCOVAN Tools for Multivariate Analysis (Statistics Toolbox NOT Required) Author: William Gruner

Great submission, I was wondering if you could tell me what the degrees of freedom are for the ANCOVA? In statistics programs like SPSS it outputs two degrees of freedom, 'treatments and error' or 'withing and between' both of which are required to report the test result. But when I run your MANCOVAN it only outputs one degree of freedom... Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question.

18 Jul 2013 multiWaitbar( label, varargin ) A new "shiny" progress-bar with multiple bars in a single window, time-estimates and more. Author: Ben Tordoff

Really nice piece of code. I was wondering though - is there a way to reposition the bar window? On my screen it pops up right over the command line so it hides any output from the running script, I can move it but I would like to make it automatic. Thanks.

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