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26 Jan 2013 A thin MATLAB wrapper for the Git source control system Use this exactly as you would use the OS command-line Git, but from within MATLAB Author: Manu Raghavan

There might be an issue with using this wonderful utility to upload to a remote git repository using https. (on a mac) Git push uses curl to send the files to the repository (e.g. bitbucket) but the version of libcurl included in the MATLAB application bundle doesn't support https. To address this issue, just rename the included libcurl to something else (i.e. libcurl.old) and copy the newest version easily available from someplace like MacPorts. Make sure you add +ssl when getting the latest version of curl from MacPorts (sudo port install curl +ssl). This will then allow you to call git push to an https remote repository from inside the MATLAB command line.

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