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18 Feb 2014 COLORMAP and COLORBAR utilities (Jul 2014) MATLAB color utilities including COLORMAP join and interpolation; freeze and fit COLORBAR, etc. Author: Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

I may have found a workaround for the issue of cbfreeze removing the colorbar label. Calling cbunits before AND after cbfreeze fixed it for me.

31 Oct 2013 ncquiverref Quiver (vector) with a reference vector or color code on a map or Cartesian axes. Author: Andrew Roberts

An enormous improvement on quiver when working with geophysical model data. If you want to chance the color of the reference scale vector, change line 440 to line(lx,ly,lz,'Color','k');

This way you can overplot white vectors on a colored figure but have a visible reference vector.

21 Aug 2013 derivative Compute derivative while preserving dimensions Author: Scott McKinney

Doesn't work with multidimensional arrays; spits out error "dim must be 1 or 2!".

19 Jun 2013 xtickinterval, ytickinterval XTICKINTERVAL forces tick spacing to a specified interval regardless of axis limits. Author: John Barber

Works, but with plotyy when you ask it to adjust the interval on AX(1), it also places ticks on AX(2). You can still set AX(2) but you'll have ticks from AX(1) as well.

11 Mar 2013 matlab blue-white-red colorbar, while zero always corresponds to white color matlab blue-white-red colorbar, while zero always corresponds to white color. see also darkb2r Author: zhang zhang

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