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29 Jan 2013 Using Doxygen with Matlab Extracts automatically comments from your Matlab .m files using Doxygen to generate documentation Author: Fabrice

Hello Fabrice!

Finally - poh - I have m2cpp running in Windows 8 with Matlab 7.0.4!

First I had problems with access rights for involved programs, had to set Run as administrator, also had to patch in registry to make perl accept command line arguments.

Then m2cpp.pl crashed at row 43. After having modified by inserting
"use FileHandle;" at first row
and replaced row 43
"open(my $in, $my_fic);"
my $in = new FileHandle; # Fix for old version of Perl
$in-> open($my_fic);

things run nicely!!!

Thanks for your submission
Håkan Fridén

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