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23 Dec 2010 Nurbs2IGES This code allows one to convert a NURBS Surface to an IGES surface file for import into a CAD progra Author: Michael Fassbind

Nice Work!
A few question:
-Do you know how to create triangular NURBS patches?
-How to export multiple surfaces in the same file?


23 Dec 2010 NURBS Converted NURBS toolbox Author: Daniel Claxton

Hello The Toolbox is not working for CATIA, any idea?

21 Dec 2010 Create 3D-interactive HTML File from MATLAB surface, Part2 This function allows to show 3d-surface plots in html - documents. Author: Sven Koerner

This is Awesome!

23 Oct 2009 MyFisher22 A very compact routine for Fisher's exact test on 2x2 matrix; power and sample sizes calculation Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

20 Sep 2009 Cubed sphere Generate a cubed-sphere geometry Author: Bruno Luong

Maybe we can merge your function and mine:


This way the user can select if return triangular or quad patches... Let me know if you are interested

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