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Gijs van Oort

Universiteit Twente

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06 May 2013 Screenshot UISignalBuilder2 A visual tool that allows to build signals and save them to workspace variables. Author: Gijs van Oort gui, tool, signal, control points 7 0
19 Mar 2013 Screenshot Save Simulink Buses definition file Automatically asks whether to save the Simulink Buses definition when saving Simulink file. Author: Gijs van Oort simulink, bus, buses, save 3 0
16 Oct 2008 Screenshot ddt Calculate time derivative as a function of state and input variables of a (nonlinear) dynamic system Author: Gijs van Oort symbolic math, time derivative, symbolic toolbox, dynamic systems, fulldiff 4 0
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03 Aug 2013 UIGETVARIABLES: Dialog to pass variables from workspace into GUI UIGETVARIABLES creates a dialog box for selecting variables from the base workspace Author: Michelle Hirsch

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