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Daniel Herber

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
40.111935, -88.22526

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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Engineering System Design, Modeling and Simulation of Engineering Systems, Data-Driven Design Optimization, Direct Transcription, Wave Energy Conversion


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23 Jul 2014 Screenshot Solving Optimal Control Problems using Simscape Models for State Derivatives This code replicates the results found in a tech report by the same name Author: Daniel Herber brysondenham, design, control, control design, dynamic system modeli..., dynamics 35 0
26 Feb 2014 Screenshot sum_digits Find the sum of digits of a vector and an interesting script that uses it Author: Daniel Herber digits, number, summation, vector, fact, fun 8 0
21 Nov 2013 Screenshot MDCSTest Flexible MATLAB benchmarking program for multiple workers, long jobs, and high memory tasks Author: Daniel Herber bench, benchmark, testing, performance, utilities 13 0
10 Jun 2013 Screenshot msavename Creates a path to easily save or load your results no matter where your function is located Author: Daniel Herber file, name, path, save, relative, folder 10 0

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