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09 Feb 2011 Matlab code for my Graduate Thesis Numerically solves the diffusion equations as it pertains to medical imaging. Author: Troy

thanks for sharing, please put more descriptions for readers. To figure out what you have done may take longer than to write codes myself with your help.

09 Sep 2010 3D Finite Volume Poisson Solver For Ion Channels FVM-based numerical solution of Poisson electrostatic equation in 3D Cartesizan coordinates Author: Igor Kaufman

I have met with some errors when I run psn_3d_make

20 Jul 2010 Diffusion Filtering for Image Denoising Linear diffusion filtering, edge-enhancing linear and non-linear anisotropic filtering Author: Ritwik Kumar

what kind of applications it may apply to ?

05 Jul 2010 Nonlinear Coupled Diffusion This package implements isotropic nonlinear scalar valued/ coupled vector/matrix valued diffusion. Author: Omid Aghazadeh

something wrong in the code:

Mex file entry point is missing. Please check the (case-sensitive)
spelling of mexFunction (for C MEX-files), or the (case-insensitive)
spelling of MEXFUNCTION (for FORTRAN MEX-files).
??? Invalid MEX-file '/Nonlinear_Diffusion/thomas_mex.mexa64': .

Error in ==> Nonlinear_Diffusion>solve_tridiagonal at 168
U = thomas_mex(b,c,a,U)';

Error in ==> Nonlinear_Diffusion>solve_semi_implicit_scheme at 202
U_bt = solve_tridiagonal(U((ixstart+1):(ixstart+N)),gs,ix_v,ix_v+N,ix_v+4*N,ixy,ixx,N,ax,tau,2); % top and bottom

Error in ==> Nonlinear_Diffusion at 118
[U] = solve_semi_implicit_scheme(U,g_arg_sq,ix_v,N,d,w,ax,tau,p,eps2,ixx,ixy,ix_ch_lr);

Error in ==> test_nonlinear_diffusion at 5
[Zebra1] = Nonlinear_Diffusion(double(zebra),1,1e-2,1,20,0, 0);

11 Mar 2010 Reentrance Problems of Heart VI1 simulator simulink investigation 7 heart VI1 simulator simulink Author: Dit Papa Lamine ndao

do not understand what these heart simulators for at all

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