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08 Feb 2013 k-means++ Cluster multivariate data using the k-means++ algorithm. Author: Laurent S

Hi, Laurent,
Thank you for your files. I try your codes and it works if I carefully choose the parameter. However, I cannot choose how many clusters to apply. In my perception, the parameter k should be the number of clusters, however, unfortunately, it is not.

In my case, X is [400*1] matrix, which means that my data is 1D and there are 400 data point. If I let k=1, the code works well, with the resulting C contains 22 unique centers. However, if I let k to be other number, say 4, it is the identical 4 columns with each column the same as in the case of k=1! Is it your initial purpose to do it? If it is the case, I don't understand the purpose of parameter 'k'.

Hope to know your answers! Anyway, thank you very much for your efforts and sharing!

Best regards,

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