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QiQin Zhan

Shanghai JiaoTong University

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13 Feb 2014 Screenshot Simulation of Random Walk Random walk model is made to explain the Brownian motion. Author: QiQin Zhan simulation, random walk, brown motion 46 0
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01 Mar 2013 A figure with sliders Creates or adds sliders to a figure Author: Emmanuel Farhi

I'm so appreciated to you for your work.But when I use the function
to add sliders to my figure,the slider did not appear itself?So strange?What's wrong with it?The version of my Matlab is Matlab2012b. And the figure units is normalized.

01 Mar 2013 Suppress Command Window This program will suppress the command window for compiled programs. Author: Nathan Childress

The idea is good.But what if the program couldn't run normally until I input something from the command window?

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