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27 May 2014 Sine function fit Optimization of parameters of the sine function to time series Author: R P

Missing a couple functions: minmax and smooth.

24 Jan 2013 setPrompt - Set the Command Window prompt Sets the Command Window prompt to the specified string Author: Yair Altman

21 Jan 2011 quickfind Quickly finds an element in a sorted list. If not found, returns -index of next smaller element. Author: Peter O'Connor

I'm confused by this. If the list is sorted, why wouldn't you use a binary search? For my simple test, a FEX binary search is considerably faster than this. I'm not meaning to be critical - just wondering what problem this addresses that a binary search doesn't.
for indx=1:10000

16 Dec 2010 Function to make a 2D histogram Make 2D histogram on pairs of (x,y) data Author: Sisi Ma

Doug Hull posted a video showing how to do this without for loops: http://blogs.mathworks.com/videos/2010/01/22/advanced-making-a-2d-or-3d-histogram-to-visualize-data-density/

30 Nov 2010 saveSameSize Easily print/export figure at on-screen size Author: Richard Quist

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