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01 Aug 2010 Intelligent Dynamic Date Ticks Create plots with date-friendly data cursors and smart date ticks that scale with zooming & panning. Author: Ameya Deoras

I have MATLAB R14 SP1 and I got the error:

??? One or more output arguments not assigned during call to 'C:\MATLAB701\toolbox\matlab\graph2d\zoom.m (zoom)'.

Error in ==> dynamicDateTicks at 63
z = zoom(figH);

Error in ==> dynamicDateTicksTest at 4

when trying out the example in the given code. Is anyone familiar with known fixes needed for the zoom function?


30 Jun 2010 Savitzky-Golay Smoothing Filter FIR filter design via local moving window LS fitting - A magic smooth and derivative formula Author: YangQuan Chen

Can you give an example with an input signal? It would help newbies like me a lot. Much appreciated!

21 Jan 2010 Polar 2 An update to Matlabs built-in polar.m Author: Daniel Armyr

Actually, looking into this more, this actually does plot the graph, but the error keeps coming up, so I just commented the last part out. I don't think it is necessary? What was the purpose for making the mcode at the end? Thank you!!

20 Jan 2010 Polar 2 An update to Matlabs built-in polar.m Author: Daniel Armyr

The code is giving me an error of

??? Error using ==> makemcode>local_parse_input
Invalid input

Error in ==> makemcode at 38
[h,options] = local_parse_input(varargin{:});

Error in ==> polar2 at 249

when I try to plot a simple example for a polar plot with
t = 0:.01:2*pi;

What is going on?

13 Mar 2009 Harmonics cursors Shows moveable cursors with a center frequency and evenly spaced harmonics. Author: Izhak Bucher

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