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chandu dusa


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I am mtech student in iit hyderabad


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01 Mar 2013 JEPEG CODEC jpeg coder and decoder with out using block proc function. Author: chandu dusa image processing 7 0
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13 Apr 2013 Joint source-channel coding of images Transmission of SPIHT encoded images over unreliable channels Author: Nikola Sprljan

In your RCPC codec,for my case RCPC_decode is not working please help me...
code rate is 8/9 but i am not understanding,how to use RCPC_decode function to decode the encoded data [-1 -1 -1 -1 1 1 -1 1 -1].For this data please mention the RCPC_decode function arguments.especially i am not understanding about Depunctlen,PacketData.

please help me in decoding RCPC encoded data.
Thank you.

01 Mar 2013 Block Matching Algorithms for Motion Estimation Review of various block matching algorithms used for motion estimation in MPEG coding. Author: Aroh Barjatya

thank you sir

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