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Alan Weiss


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I write documentation for MATLAB mathematical toolboxes, primarily optimization and PDE. I have also written documentation for statistics, symbolic math, and econometrics.

My pre-MathWorks job was with Bell Labs, primarily in mathematical models of data traffic, with a strong interest in parallel computation and in rare events (large deviations).


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22 Oct 2014 Screenshot Symbolic Derivatives for Econometric Tests How to calculate derivatives required by Econometric Toolbox tests via Symbolic Math Toolbox Author: Alan Weiss symbolic, econometrics, jacobian, derivative, gradient, matlabfunction 12 0
22 Oct 2014 Screenshot Visual Hyper Sudoku Solve Sudoku puzzles or Hyper Sudoku puzzles Author: Alan Weiss integer programming, binary integer progra..., sudoku 8 0
14 Mar 2014 Screenshot Visual Sudoku Solve Sudoku puzzles Author: Alan Weiss integer linear progra..., binary integer progra..., sudoku 8 0

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