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John Booker

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I'm a user experience specialist at MathWorks where I get to do a lot of fun things. The big two are: making MATLAB easier to use, and helping MATLAB Central to better serve the community.


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20 Nov 2014 transparentScatter Flexible tool for making scatterplots with transparent points Author: Ben Dichter

Awesome work!

21 May 2014 xlswrite Write matrices to MS Excel file. Author: Andreas Sprenger

16 May 2014 Neural Network Symbolic expression Prints out the symbolic expression of a Matlab Neural Network toolbox object Author: Dirk Gorissen

16 May 2014 Data Acq Toolbox Demo Using Data Acquisition Toolbox to process data from hardware Author: Rene Messier

16 May 2014 mat2im Convert 2D matrix to a 3D image matrix as used by the image processing toolbox Author: Rob Campbell

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