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13 Apr 2010 Wireless Communications and Networking Companion software for the book "Wireless Communications and Networking" Author: Weihua Zhuang

thank u! good matirial to learn!

13 Apr 2010 Cellular Traffic Calculation A GUI that will calculate the traffic in a given area and draw suggested locations for the cells. Author: Sanad Al Hassan

02 Apr 2010 Carrierless 16-QAM (CAP) Modem A Simulink model for Carrierless Amplitude Phase Modulation (CAP) Author: Samir Rawashdeh

i got a question:
why the numerator coefficient in the modle of "raised cos filter" set to be "inphase_pulse"? Isn't it a matricx or a vector according to the help comments??
And the same question for the "quadrature raised cosine filter" modle.
please,looking forward to your answer!thanks!

01 Apr 2010 Symbol Error Rate for 16QAM in AWGN channel Comparison of simulated and theoretical symbol error rate for 16QAM Author: Krishna Sankar M

31 Mar 2010 OFDM with 64-QAM OFDM Implementation using 64-QAM Modulation Author: Muhammad Nadeem Khan

thanks , good matiarial to learn for new commer of ofdm

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