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11 Jan 2011 absolutepath Computes absolute path from relative paths Author: Jonathan Karr

need to check that the path actually exists. You can not resolve the relative path for a file or directory that does not exist!

For example if im in /Users/myName and i call


your function returns


which is wrong. Should return either

No such file or directory or []

08 Jun 2009 Comparison of C++, Java, Python, Ruby and MATLAB Using Object Oriented Example RedBlack Tree Binary Search Example Used to Compare of C++, Java™, Python, Ruby and MATLAB® Code Author: Stuart McGarrity

Great non-trivial example! I know OO already so this was great for syntax, organization etc. Helped me out a lot!

17 Nov 2008 Kernel Smoothing Regression A non-parametrical regression (smoothing) tool using Gaussian kernel. Author: Yi Cao

this function rocks!! worked very well 'right outta the box'. My only question: Is is possible to do a variable bandwidth smoothing using this function?

At any rate, nice work

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