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04 Jul 2013 setPrompt - Set the Command Window prompt Sets the Command Window prompt to the specified string Author: Yair Altman

Hi Yair

Great submission! Two questions

1) I've put setPrompt into startup.m. However, it doesn't work from there. I'm sure setPrompt is executed (added a disp statement to verify). It works fine AFTER Matlab is started

2) Any idea how to change the caret color? I've added
set(jTextArea,'caretColor',[1 0 0]);
to your code, but it doesn't seem to work. Neither does your uiinspect work on the property 'caretColor'


06 Oct 2010 Clone Handle Object - using MATLAB OOP How to clone an object (deep copy) which inherits reference behaviour from the 'handle' class. Author: Bobby Nedelkovski

classdef A < handle
b = containers.Map

please note that containers.Map is itself a handle class, which is not covered in the copyobj function from Volkmar Glauche. You could recursively call copyobj for handle properties, but then you're facing the next problem of private properties (Maps has private props), which cannot be copied as already mentioned.

In order to copy this class, the "ugly" solution from Barry Ridge is unfortunately the only thing which works in order to deep copy an instance of class A.

any news on this issue from Mathworks?

best regards

07 Jan 2010 k-D tree Perform closest point search or range query using a k-D tree implementation. Author: Guy Shechter

Peter, make sure ..\kdtree\mex\win appears BEFORE ..\kdtree. You can change the order of paths in File->Set Path

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