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21 Jul 2011 Optimization Tips and Tricks Tips and tricks for use of the optimization toolbox, linear and nonlinear regression. Author: John D'Errico

Great submission. Thanks John.

I have a question on transforming a nonlinear problem to linearity:

If the nonlinear problem is of this form:

y = a* x^3

can we linearlize it as follows:

log(y) = log(a) + 3 log (x)

24 Jun 2011 Wind_rose Wind rose of direction and intensity Author: M MA

Great function.
Can you call out the speed corresponding to each direction subdivision?

15 Jun 2011 Wind Resource Assessment MATLAB demo files from the 'Catching the Wind' webinar. Author: Todd Schultz

Hi Todd,

I get the following error: ??? Assignment has more non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton

the problem comes from this line:
wresults.monthavg.data(nn,mm) = mean(double(wind(idx,ivh(mm))));

I'm using MATLAB Version (R2008b)

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