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20 Sep 2013 Extraction of a Volume of Interest (VOI) This is a simple example of extracting a rectangular volume of interest (VOI) from a 3D image Author: Omer Demirkaya

I think that this is exactly the function I need; however, when I go to IMTOOL -> ExtractVOI I get the following error:
Undefined function or variable 'img'.
Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

I'm wondering if there is an additional step I need to perform before ExtractVOI. Any insights would be much appreciated!

10 Jun 2013 3D Slicer Slicer for exploring 3D images (grayscale, color or vectorial) through planar or 3D slices. Author: David Legland

I was using this app on R2012b but recently upgraded to R2013a and now have difficulty running the Slicer app. I'm wondering if that's a result of the new version of Matlab or if I did not install it correctly. Any assistance on this issue would be much appreciated.
Thank you,

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