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30 Oct 2008 javaTable Simple function to display cell array data in a nice looking Java JTable Author: Matt Dunham

do you how can I create a callback in matlab if the user change sleection from one row to another? Thank you and good work.

30 Oct 2008 Java-based data table Spreadsheet display/editing/sorting of data with multiple features Author: Yair Altman

I really some help with table. I really like on what you done. It is a very useful function. The problem I am having is how to add an event/callback whenver the user change from one to another? In my application, each row is a file information from the database and it also has a image attahched to it. Therefore when ever the row selection changes the image plot changes automatically. In order to do this i need some form of callback when user change the row selection similiar to DataChange callback. Thank you.

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